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By Dom Hartley & Jonny Dixon Smith


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Image by Felix Mooneeram


Who needs the 2023 Covid Inquiry?  Scotch Egg said it all in performances throughout 2022. Baroness Hallett could have saved the taxpayer £126m - less the price of our theatre ticket - to answer just how resilient and prepared the UK was (...not very), decision making (...not good) and Covid-19 impact (....horrendous). 

Thanks to Matt Hancock, Boris and many others for their endless support in submitting a wealth of new material, Scotch Eggs are on the way over. 

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Scotch Egg on Sky

Previously staged at the Drayton Arms Theatre London.


All that Dazzles, Theatre Review

"Tonight I saw Scotch Egg, a new musical set in the future looking back on the pandemic. Starring Boris Johnson and a rapping Chris Whitty, it was hilarious fun.  The best party you can have outside of Downing street."


Ely King,
Theatre Journalist

"This up-and-coming production is a stroke of true genius"


Neil McCormick,
The Daily Telegraph

"Just saw a smart and funny workshopped show about the UK's lockdown farrago,  Scotch Egg: The Musical, which deserves to outlast the (current) Prime Minister. It's got better jokes and better hair."

"What can I say? A truly wonderful play, full of wit, satire and fabulous songs. We feel very lucky to have secured seats at the World Premiere!"

"What a great show!  I laughed so much I woke up with jaw ache!"

"As someone who was regularly dragged to shows at the Lowry by my wife and sister, I can honestly see this progressing into a SMASH HIT!"

"It was fresh, funny, topical, fun and poignant, all within the hour."

"I laughed until my face hurt!" 

"There were moments when I felt transported on to the set of Tick Tock Boom."

A YEAR TO forget





Remember New Year's Eve 2019? The parties, the promises, the plans? Instead, we got the pandemic. Twenty years on, a late-night news show is running a retrospective of 2020. In the studio with sharp-tongued presenter, Judith Harper-Jones, is ex-PM Lord Johnson. As the peer struggles to explain the inexplicable, a series of characters take the audience through the comic and the tragic aspects of the crisis.


The show is not afraid to ask profound questions about life, love, death and whether a scotch egg really does constitute a substantial meal?


With satirical numbers like, The Laws are Set in Stone and He’s Gonna Save Christmas, combined with the pathos of songs like, Fading Away and We’re All Key Workers After All, this musical romp will provide thought-provoking satire and a much-needed covid boost - without the need for a fourth jab.


The Cast



Jonny Smith (Lyrics) and Dom Hartley (Music) should have teamed up at school, but Jonny was too busy playing football while Dom was learning to sequence a Roland Jupiter 6 (unsuccessfully, giving up after 5 minutes!) and form his first band. A few years later, stumbling across each other (literally) in France, they started work on their first musical, VISION. Following several popular amateur productions, the show took to the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2002, with the biggest cast in town that year. VISION enjoyed another successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015. The show then travelled to Nigeria, playing at the National Theatre for a week of sell-out performances, followed by many other UK productions.  CRUNCH The Musical took the duo in a new direction. They had been working on an office-based musical and, when the 2008 Credit Crunch hit, they were in pole-position with a dark comedy and satirical songs that immediately resonated with the turbulent times. CRUNCH featured on the front page of the Financial Times and on national TV and radio across Europe. The musical also gained attention in the National Press and on radio stations across the US.  Scotch Egg brings them together again as they apply their unique - if sometimes questionable - blend of humour, pathos and memorable melodies to Covid-19 and the pandemic.  Dom is a musician and co-founder of the UK’s most successful party band 29 Fingers with Ivan McCormick of U2 and Killing Bono fame. Following a misspent youth entertaining on the keys in Val d'Isère, he tried to mend his ways in radio and TV journalism and is now working as a video producer and multimedia consultant in London. Jonny's path is the opposite. He swapped a high-flying legal career for the classroom where he’s currently teaching dystopian fiction to teenagers. He has written several novels and short stories (including the popular legal thriller, Invisible) all of which are available on Amazon, at the Jonny Dixon-Smith author page.

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